10 Ways to Engage Your Customers Better

I started jotting down some reasons a potential shop owner would want to have a Google streetview tour. The first ideas I noted were catching interest, stepping up customer excitement about the shop, creating some intrigue, sowing seeds of trust and loyalty. It struck me my intial notes seemed to focus on engaging customers and taking them along the sales process, hence I starting googling how others engage their customers.

I came accross this article “10 Ways to Engage Your Customers Better” and was intrigued by item number 7 – dont hoax your customer! What would hoaxing a customer look like, I means assuming this is not some dodgy sales person out to make a killing selling fake stuff and then disappear, why would a genuine business want to hoax their customers. Well it turns out some of the big companies attempt this, all in the name of publicity. A bit of a risk maybe, especially when it back fires. This will be another story for the road when I’m meeting shop owners, the craving for getting in front of your customers by big business.

Google Streetview gets you in front of your customers, without the risk of potentially alienating them!

Exploring is fun, I long to explore, its why I like cycling and travel, hill walking and visiting new places. Google streetview allows you to explore, as a customer you can explore the inside of a shop, see what treasures are awaiting to be discovered, build the intrigue, show a little bit, maybe not too much, ultimately, get some more people through your door, onto your website, buying your stuff.

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